Our Policy

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Some items may slightly differ in the pictures displayed on our website than in reality
  2. Payment (product + delivery cost) should be made upon delivery in full, without any deductions, and instalments are not acceptable.
  3. The only ways, in which we recognize, to contact us and place orders, are:
    • Online order at our website
    • Call us on +962 79 60 60 30 9
    • * We are not responsible for any third party involved in buying or delivering the product and we are not obligated to consider the order as an official request
  4. Personal information (such as First name, Surname, contact number or email) provided on the website, will be the only way to identify the customer.
  5. The amount shown next to the product is the only payment requested from the purchaser to pay when item is delivered (which includes product price + delivery fees inside Western Amman).
    Outside Western Amman, the following delivery prices will apply:

    •  Amman – 3 JOD’s
    • Airport Road (Beyond Manaseer Station)- 3 JOD’s
    • Middle/North Cities and Governances- 5 JOD’s
    • South Cities and Governances/ Aqaba- 5 JOD’s
    • International Shipping 18 JOS`S /
  6. The product delivery time varies from two days from the purchase date, up to seven days, and customers will be notified of the duration, once they are contacted by bedyitem.com team.
  7. Bedyitem.com has the right to cancel or reject any order without giving any reasons or notifying the customer.
  8. Products displayed are available in large quantities and a confirmation of the order will be given to the customer once bedyitem.com team contacts the customer on the phone number provided with the order request, and will then organize to take the delivery address.
  9. The following methods for ordering products will NOT be taken into consideration:
    • SMS messages
    • WhatsApp Messages
    • Comments on our Facebook Page
  10. Bedyitem.com will not give customers personal information to any third party in any way, but will use it for the purposes of marketing, advertising, and to taking feedback only.
  11. All products on bedyitem.com are original, and we have the right to sell these products by a formal agreement made with their makers and manufacturers.
  12. In the case of special design order, customers must put all desired specifications they wish in a clear way, as illustrated in the special design orders page.
  13. Bedyitem.com doesn’t have refund or exchange policy, unless product is damaged or has errors in manufacturing. So, as item is taken by customer on the delivery, it will be considered accepted.